Internship Opportunities


Let’s make things—and let’s make things happen. TBC’s Creative team is on the lookout for a hungry creative intern willing to dive headfirst into all things marketing. The ideal candidate has an insatiable desire to learn and absorb the continually evolving world of advertising, digital, design, video, motion graphics, social media, copywriting, and whatever other medium was just created while you were reading this sentence.

This internship isn’t your typical “go for a coffee run” type of experience. Depending on your area of study, you may:

  • Get called into advertising concepting sessions
  • Be asked to craft the newest world-changing tagline
  • Design an incredible digital experience
  • Or create the next viral social campaign

If you are an artist, designer, coder, or writer who is passionate about the creative industry, wants to hone your craft, and loves hard work, we look forward to your application.

Ideal Potential Skill Sets Include:

  • Art directing
  • Digital design
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Web developing
  • Motion graphics/CGI
  • Editing
  • Creative magic of all kinds

Since this is a Creative team internship, we also want to see what you’ve created—so please share your portfolio in whatever state it’s in so we can check it out!

How to Apply

Email your resume and a cover letter explaining why you’re interested in an internship with TBC to